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JATO digital media group is a digital media rep firm. JATO offers a full suite of digital media solutions under one roof.  We take a 360 degree approach by representing top media technology companies in every digital channel from premium online publishes, social media solutions, Apple iPhone and iTouch in-app mobile advertising, standard & rich media creative, flash website design to iPhone app development.

JATO proudly represents...


Rubicon Project:
Rubicon Project is an optimization platform for premium publishers and billions of impressions. Instead of publishers working with tons of ad networks they work directly with Rubicon and then Rubicon sells and manages the unsold or remnant inventory for the publishers. Rubicon Project IS NOT AN AD NETWORK. They manage publisher’s unsold inventory and optimize all impressions in the platform. The optimization technology platform analyzes hundreds of audience segments and with more than 200 million unique users in the US they offer a perfect mix of targeting and performance.  

Working with JATO and Rubicon Project: Working with JATO you now have access to the Rubicon Project (or publisher’s) inventory. JATO is an authorized sales rep firm and a reseller of Rubicon Project inventory.·


Greystripe Mobile:


iPhone and iTouch in-game, utility and mobile app advertising. Greystripe works with over 200 iPhone mobile app developers and offers multiple flash banner in-game sponsorships with full demo/geo segment targeting.


·         Free gaming apps - Most inventory are in games because 88% of iTouch and iPhone users play games.

·         Free utility apps – music apps, restaurant finders, movie times and locations, etc…

Creative Ad Formats: Run same creative and demo targeting that you are already doing on-line. (extension to what you are already doing)

·         Standard 300x250

·         Rich Media Flash 300x250

·         Full page Flash Rich Media with custom interactive game

·         Utilize iTouch or iPhone functionality such as touch, voice and accelerometer etc.

Video Functionality:

·         Click to any video URL (youtube, break, heavy, myspace, etc…)

·         Rss video feeds in ad from youtube (not link to youtube.com)

·         Feed Quicktime (hosted by client)

Targeting: (third party served & tracked by atlas or doubleclick)

·         By app vertical or genre

·         By specific app or game

·         By Age

·         By Gender

·         By Geo


·         Greystripe included (free) – standard and flash ads

·         Client’s Creative agency



TeaLab Creative Agency:


TeaLab is a full-service creative agency specializing in web development, online original video production, standard & rich media, iPhone & social app development and flash games. We invite you to explore our portfolio.